My name is Keriem Dijksma and currently I am a 3D Artist, working at Ghost VFX, Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am interested in a wide array of different styles and subjects, my main interest being 3D art. My passion lies with modeling, texturing and sculpting, and I focus on improving those skills to achieve better results each time.

I feel my strongest traits are dedication, attention to detail and the drive to perform at the highest standards. I also enjoy collaborating with others and I am not afraid to ask for help.

Over the past ten years, I have grown as an artist and worked on several published titles. To continue my growth, I want to gain experience working in a AAA environment and learn from the best.

Personal detail


Keriem Dijksma

Date of birth:




Currently living:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Work Experience

mei 2021 – current

CG Supervisor, at Ghost VFX
Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 – 2021

3D Artist, at Ghost VFX
Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 – 2019

3D Artist Trainee, at Ghost VFX
Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 – 2019

Visual Art
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

2010 – 2014

Game Architecture and Design
Alfa-college, Boumaboulevard, The Netherlands


2015 – 2015

Guest Teacher / Assessor / Examiner
Alfa-college, Game Architecture and Design

2014 – 2015

Lead Artist / 3D Artist
Team6 Game Studios

2013 – 2013

3D Artist (Internship)
Team6 Game Studios

2012 – 2012

3D Artist (Internship)
Team6 Game Studios

2011 – 2011

Game Designer / 3D Artist (Internship)

Professional Titles

2014 – 2015

Monster Jam Battlegrounds
Team6 Game Studios

2014 – 2015

Engines of War
Team6 Game Studios

2013 – 2014

Team6 Game Studios

2013 – 2014

Dirt Rider
Team6 Game Studios

2012 – 2013

Flatout Stuntman
Team6 Game Studios


My skills relative to each other








Substance Painter
Marmoset Toolbag
Microsoft Office


3ds Max
Marvelous Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Premiere Pro



First language


Professional proficiency

Honor & Awards


  • Staff pick
  • Top trending
  • Featured on social media
NHTV Propaedeutic Award

  • Awarded best Visual Artist year 1
IGAD Game Awards, Competed with our game Ragnarok

  • Overall Best Game
  • Best Game Arts
  • Audience Award


Ronnie Nelis, Founder, Chief executive officer, 3D Artist (Team6 Game Studios)

Keriem is a professional 3D artist of the highest industry standards.
Hard working, dedicated & determined, smart and versatile, Keriem is a valuable asset to any game studio that is lucky enough to have him.

Joas Kleine, Art Director, Concept Artist (Team6 Game Studios)

Working with Keriem was quite the pleasure, a resourceful thinker and a social person.
He complimented the team as a member and could also manage a team of 5 a 6 people.
Keriem is a motivated worker with a solid set of 3D skills making game assets that you can put on difficult tasks without him notably stressing out.
If the tasks were not achievable withing given time limit he’ll try to disuse a compromise to meet deadlines.

All in all a good person to work with and a valuable asset on the team.

Jasper Kooistra, Coordinator Game/Multi Media Design, 3D Teacher (Alfa-college)

I have known Keriem to be a hard working and very talented student. From the start of his study he has fully committed himself to becomming a great game designer and 3D modeller, and has succeded at this.

In other words; there is no doubt in my mind that Keriem will succeed in whatever he sets his mind to!

Esther Plomp, Game Design and Game Art teacher (Alfa-college)

Keriem impressed me from the start of his study with his focus and dedication to develop himself.
He kept his focus on developing his skills in de 4 years I had the pleasure of teaching him.
He will be a great asset to a team, cooperative, hardworking and creative.

Beert Kempenaar, Game Design and Game Art teacher (Alfa-college)

A very hard working, inquisitive and social student.
He is among the best of his class and always striving to become better at his work.
He handles feedback very well and really tries to make it his own. Whenever there where extra activities like teaching students from another school or helping out with an open door day he liked to help.
It’s hard to think of anything he isn’t good at because he has the drive which all good designers have.
I highly recommend this student.

Dirk Jan Swart, 3D Artist (Team6 Game Studios)

Keriem is a good 3D artist with good knowledge of 3D and 2D applications. Zbrush, 3ds and photoshop.
He has the workflows of making High-poly models to low-poly models under his belt and unwrapping and texturing are also familiar territory.
The skills are there and they can only get better.

Keriem is also a joy to work together with. 
During his internship and job at Team6-gamestudios he was good at doing assignments but also giving others assignments.
He has a great eye for detail and a lot of technical knowledge which makes him able to criticize someones work well.

Keriem is good with a tight schedule. He had to work with a tight schedule at team6 and did that without too much effort. 
The only disadvantage is that Keriem has a high standard of work and with tight deadlines he cant always make the work as pretty and good as he wants to.

His quality was really high compared to other interns. He was one of the best interns we had in the field of 3D and thats why he got offered a job aswell. 
Difficult tasks were given to Keriem and he knew how to do them all well.

Also on the social department Keriem is a Funny, friendly and helpfull person. It was a joy working with you!

Gidi van Liempd, Information Technology and Services Consultant (Gee!Design)

I first met Keriem as a student in my class “Game Input Design”, where he and his team made a very innovative game called “RollBotic”, with a game controller of their own device. Next, Keriem did an internship of a few months with Gee!Design, where he worked with me on two projects: first, he was involved in the realization of a (prototype) game portal for students. For this project he devised a corporate look to be used for the web site, was actively involved in the concepting phase, and he had the initial ideas for several games to test various skills. Then, three of these games were put to the test as actual (prototype) games, for which Keriem did the 3D-modelling of backgrounds and (simple) objects. In the second project (for an interactive theater play) Keriem made a detailed 3D model of an actor, using 3DS Max and Z-brush. The model was completed by Keriem with rigging and texturing, and has been used succesfully in several following theater projects. In these projects, Keriem had a very professional attitude, displayed all relevant knowledge, worked without much additional help and was not afraid to take on new things (e.g., I think it was the first time he had ever modelled a person). Although he sometimes may seem a bit silent, he is confident about his knowledge and is able to articulate his design choices. For me as an employer, this in turn gave me confidence that he did the right things and did them well.